I Want to Live my Life in Black & White

man, i can spent hours browsing through keywords "scandinavian design", "nordic interior" and "black & white bedroom" on pinterest. just when i think my redesign project is about to come to an end, i find another thing to improve, to change or add. it's an ongoing thing and i'm about to start thinking it might just never end. just like your personal style evolves, so does your taste in music, interior design or men for that matter.

i think by now i've mastered the nordic interior design:

~ white is the dominating color, accompanied by black, gray, natural colors of wood and metal, splashes of bright yellow or pink
~ clean elements are emphasized by black & white patterns such as lines, zig-zags, triangle shapes and bold fonts
~ open closets, better yet a clothes rack
~ lots of lighting options
~ graphic art, inspirational quotes instead of paintings
~ lots of textures: wood, fur, metal, paper, wool, cotton, leather, glass,...
~ it's an open space, light and airy
~ repurposing objects - light bulbs as vases, chairs as night tables...
~ playing with soft and hard, natural vs. made

can i please have a hammock in my bedroom? pretty please!

photo: pinterest

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