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fashion magazines and websites are full of articles about basic pieces of our wardrobe. they give advice on how to put together the base of our wardrobe and what pieces to invest in. there are many pieces that are considered basic and a pillar of our closet but we have to keep in mind basic means something different to every individual.

most of the time when i come across an article like that i instantly recognize the target audience - it's the boring midlife secretary. on the list of basics you can find a white button down shirt, a pencil skirt, a trench coat and classic black suit pants. considering these lists i myself bought a trench coat a few seasons ago. never wore it. correction: i wore it once for a photoshoot. it just isn't me, despite being a treasure piece for many women around the world. same goes for a denim jacket, a white shirt and black pants that i only wore as a uniform while working on ship.

so there you go... lists of basic pieces target a specific girl, that isn't necessary you. well quite possibly it's not you. you have to personalize that list according to your personal style, nature of your work and place of living. i'm sure if you're from miami or manila you won't need a winter coat. lucky you! however the list of basics might not be the worst advice on what your wardrobe needs. maybe a classic button down isn't your style, but how about an oversized white see-through blouse that posses some of those ingredients. take that list and make it your own. maybe instead of black suit pants leggings will suit your style better.

also what bothers me when talking about the basics is that many articles apply these are the pieces you should invest in. sure, you wear them all the time so you should consider the quality as well as quantity (having more than one black t-shirt can be a very practical thing) but don't invest in basics thinking you'll wear them forever. there are some pieces that are timeless but nonetheless fashion changes pretty quickly so don't buy a tailored blazer thinking you'll wear it for the next 10 years looking dashing as ever. trends can change from tightly tailored to unstructured in a hint of a season and you'll end up feeling dated. cuts and styles change every few years, just think about when was the last time cargo pants were in style. i would advise if you want to invest in something it would be the pieces you really fell in love with and you know you'll wear in spite what the current trend might be.

thinking about basic i made my own list of what i cannot miss in my closet. this is by all means not a suggestion on what your basics should be but merely a demonstration of how basics differ from person to person. let me know what your basics are and which pieces you think should be in every gals wardrobe.

black boyfriend t-shirt
because it gives that easiness to an outfit on top of being cool, simple and versatile. i wear it with jeans for a super chic look.
rag & bone | rebecca minkoff | yaman

black fitted blazer
the easiest way to add some sophistication to the outfit, i wear it with everything from skirts and jeans to pretty dresses.
j.tomson | joie | topshop

distressed jeans
couse they're cool, comfy and kick ass. worn everywhere and with anything.
paige denim | rag & bone | seven jeans

black pumps
they go with everything and make any outfit just a hint more elegant. i wear mine with jeans.
french connection | gianvito rossi | rupert sanderson

black leather jacket
couse i like to bring a bit of rock&roll to my outfit. i love to wear them with elegant dresses to add some contrast.
h&m | viktoria andwoods | viparo

black leggings
perfect replacement for jeans or any other type of pants for that matter. i wear mine with tunics, long sweaters and asymmetrical dresses.
vero moda | oasis | only

converse sneakers
in every color possible. with jeans, short skirts and dresses.
converse all stars

black satchel bag
it goes with everything, no need to worry about matching with my outfit.
proenza schouler | the iconic | river island

little black dress
in different shapes and styles for those days when you have nothing to wear and want to look like a lady. i wear them with blazers, leggings or leather jackets. 
ann demeulemeester | ter et bantine | splendid

white ripped shorts
my favorite piece in summer. worn with simple tops.
2020 ave | miss selfridge | runway dreamz

photo: polyvore

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