IFB Links à la Mode: June 5th

hey guys, hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. summer has just arrived in slovenia, making these past few days really enjoyable. sundays are especially relaxing so if you're anything like me, the links a la mode list could not have come at a better time. the wedding guest dresscode post was featured this week along with some great style inspirations, so go check it out!

Style Surfing

Summer is officially here. Well, not technically... but it's still here. Headed to the beach this weekend? Going on holiday? Have you broken out your sandals and sunscreen? Yeah, summer. What to wear? How to take care of your youthful skin? Wedding season's here... do you know how to dress for the occassion? Well, if you're looking for inspiration, you've come to the right place. This week, we have a wonderful roundup of great summer themed fashion posts and a couple of other fun (and a few serious) tidbits. So grab your iced tea, and sit down for some good summer reading.

Links à la Mode: June 5th

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