Before & After: My Dream Bedroom

drum-roll please! finally, after three months of painting ceilings, drilling into walls and hunting for the perfect furniture and decoration my bedroom is done. well as done as it can be because it's still evolving and in the future i plan to make a few more changes just to make it perfect. inspired by scandinavian interior design, my own aesthetic and needs this is what came out of my redecoration project...

putting all the messiness aside, my room still seemed cluttered and had very little space. too much of everything was just not working in my favor, it wasn't a place where i could relax and get inspired.

in the process i did change my room for a bigger space, a few extra square meters make all the difference. it's incredible what a little bit of white paint will do to a room, don't you think? and i got a balcony which is a huge huge advantage. looking at before and after pictures i think my redecoration project was a big success.

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