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hi, boys and girls! sorry for the radio silence but i desperately needed some time off. time to spend with the love of my life, time to relax, time to travel and time to simply be happy.

in two weeks since my last post a bunch of amazing things happened... so here's how the timeline goes:

* my internship at adria media and cosmopolitan magazine finished, our 17 page feature got published in the magazine and we had a lovely closing event

* i drove all the way to venice to pick up my boyfriend, it was one of the happiest moments being in his arms again

* we spend a relaxing week in vipavska valley, enjoying every single moment of idleness and visiting picturesque places of slovenia and italy, such as štanjel, piran, solkan, grado and tolmin

* i had my birthday!!! for the occasion we spend a day in adrenaline park which included a 600m zipline 40m above soča river... just to prove i'm not that old at all!

* my article got published in ELLE magazine! i have to say it's one of the highlights of my career and i couldn't be prouder.

* last few days have been very lazy, lot's off football, beer, sleep, bear hugs and kisses :)

* planning the eurotrip was one of my main occupations these days and now it's time to count down the days... only 2 more to go!! 

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