Watercolor Tattoo

i haven't posted any tattoo inspiration for quite a while. mainly because i just wasn't inspired. i know i want to get my no4 eventually i just didn't have a clear idea of what i want it to be. until not so long ago when i discovered watercolor tatoos and got completely mesmerized.

when i got my paris skyline tattoo i played with the idea of completing it with some watercolor but now i'm sure of it. there's something magical about this style and when you think about how tattoo art has changed in the past few years, it's quite incredible. it has lost its rebellion and became pure art. a beautiful memory or a reminder...

it's hard to pick favorites but i have to say i can't get my eyes off the deer tattoo made by a slovenian tattoo artist simona borstnar (3rd photo). i think i have my next tattoo artist already picked out, she's incredible.

photos from top to bottom: instragram account of nismo_nitro, nyempirestatetattoexpoo, simonaborstnar, chasingafterourdemons, buuurt, _mofeta_, skazxim, fuckyoumydarling, tattrx, skazxim, showmekelsoo, x1950chick

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