Princess for a Day

weddings. i've been surrounded with wedding gowns, confetti and invitations way over my usual limit, which is, yes u guessed that right, zero. my good friend is getting married, my editorials have a wedding theme, i'm searching for brides shoes and bridesmaids dresses online, i'm going through countless wedding photos and my boyfriend not so secretly wants to get married too.

i would lie if i said i never dream of having that perfect movie wedding. every girl does, it's how we are raised. we grow up with cinderella stories and what are weddings other than that one day when any girl can become a princess too.

that's why we end up dreaming of our wedding dresses, our perfect venues, 3 story cakes, an army of bridesmaids and colorful flower decorations. did someone mention a groom? i think if we could, we would start marring ourselves just to have that magical day.

in all the years i think i changed my mind about what kind of bride i would want to be about as many times as there is different styles. i want to be a modern bride. unconventional one. in a black dress. no. let's keep it white. or maybe traditional. no, classic, like grace kelly. and kate middleton. yes, that's it. i want to look like a real princess.

so what kind of bride do you dream of being?

princess bride

classic bride

modern bride

romantic bride

unconventional bride 

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