Does Your Life Look Like a Page from Ikea Catalog?

yeah... i though so. so why does your instagram profile look like it does? i mean who are you kidding? we all know that your kitchen table didn't just decorate itself to the most instagramable moment of your day. you spent 5 min preparing your breakfast and 20 min figuring out how to display it. and for what? so everyone would be jealous of your tableware? your eggs and oj?

i love instagram. correction. i loved instagram. i check my feed every morning, even before i check my email. if i'm not doing anything time consuming i check it again in the afternoon and then again just before i go to sleep while i watch game of thrones. but it got really boring lately. same meals, same filters, same flowers, same desserts. perfectly decorated burgers, clean tables, peonies, macaroons. jawn!!

instagram became just another media for people to brag about fabulous selves. i haven't seen so many cases of narcissism since i took a class about it in collage. for me instagram is about sharing special moments, things i want to keep in my memory. things that happen spontaneously. when i read that some people actually plan their posts ahead i was kind of thrown by it.

i understand brands use it for promotion and obviously have people employed as their social media experts (who aren't anything other than people who post on instagram, twitter, facebook and such) and i even except the fact that some bloggers have them too but for god sake this picture perfect image you're trying to portray is nothing but fake fake fake.

it looks like more and more instagram is choosing what we eat and how we eat it. same goes for other activities that were pre-instagram era just things we did. now we do them in a way they look iphone-genic. so consumed with how we portray ourselves to our friends and followers that we have to decorate every moment of our lives.

just think about it. how much time do you spend getting the right shot? is instagram dictating your life? are your meals becoming instagramable and your outfits too? or do you just snap snap snap whatever comes into your frame?

my feed changed lately, i unfollowed a few and found some really inspiring new accounts. there's less tableware adds and more randomness. because authenticity and originality always win in my case...

oh... and what the hell's with all the pineapples????

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