The Satisfaction of Owning an Original

i have a confession to make. i'm kinda cheap. not in a sense that i would never buy drinks for my friends, treat them with chocolates and ice cream, not spoil myself with a good meal or a weekend trip but i never spend huge amounts on clothes, shoes and accessories. especially when i can get a better deal not buying an original. sounds terrible, right?

it was like that with converse all stars. i always bought a cheap 10€ look-alike that only lasted a season if only there weren't too many festivals and crazy nights out. it was pretty much same with aviator sunglasses. every season i buy my aviator ray ban look-alikes and curse them after a few days when the first scratches appear. i had my alexa look-alike and now i carry a ps1 hoping nobody notices it`s ripped-off.

when there's a tight budget there really isn't much choice is there? and you can find popular designs basically anywhere so it's easy to get a look-alike. i bet you have some in your closet as well. maybe without even realizing it.

recently i came around a little bit. when in us i got my first pair of original all stars, they were just too cheap not to. and yesterday my aviator ray bans arrived from california. so there you go... slowly i'm replacing my look-alikes with the originals. that just it made me realize i live in a very expensive country. the pair that i got on ebay would cost me almost 3 times as much here in slovenia. it was tough to find a seller not selling fakes but way worth my while.

and let me tell you... originals don't just come with better quality that's paid with the higher price (which can also be cheaper if using your ebay shopping skills) but they also come with the fulfilling feeling of owning an original design. man, wearing these ray bans for the first time yesterday felt incredibly satisfying. it felt like i'm all grown up.i can only imagine how carrying the real ps1 is...

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