Making Dreams Come True One Unpaid Job at a Time

it's pretty rare that i can't find the right words since finding the right words is kind of what i do for a living but this is one of those rare occasions. if i had to put it into words than i guess i could say it's been like taking an endless roller coaster ride.

since i returned from my world voyage i was working on getting my life back on track, focusing on work and things that make my heart sing. i freezed my ass in paris for men's fashion week, got some writing gigs, suffered from maniacal boredom, styled some amazing photoshoots, got a steady job and made piece with living outside the concrete jungle.

a lot going on in such a short period of time... although it seems that many times i've take a left turn, i always had my final destination in my mental gps. i know exactly what i want to be when i grow up, because yes, i'm still getting there. and getting there is quite a process.

for me this was an endless process and many times i almost gave up. i know i've been bitching a lot here on the blog about the struggles, all the unpaid jobs and unappreciated projects one has to undertake but now i can finally say all those work-for-reference jobs have payed off. i'm taking a huge step in my career and hopefully a fertile one.

at this point i can't tell you much about this opportunity, all i can say is that i finally got my foot in the door and intend to work my ass off to get my butt cheeks there as well. it has been my life long dream to join this team and put my name next to this magazine so i couldn't have been more excited! fucking excited!

so yeah... if you're anything like me, struggling through shitty jobs and unpaid projects in hopes of reaching your dream goal i have this advice for you: as my girl ana said "if you have nothing better to do" than take that free unpaid only for reference job. but only if it meets the criteria. nothing better also translates as not having a paid job at that time, if it's a useful reference or if the job inspires you in any way. because as a living proof i can tell u if you work hard even at those ungrateful jobs they will sooner or later lead to bigger things.

as for my big brake... you'll find out more next week with slovenian fashion week kicking off, so see u there!

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