Best Blogger Hairstyles

when looking for hairstyle inspiration i kept going back to same stylish girls. it's easy when you're surrounded by fashion and trends to get the insights of the beauty industry, to get ahead of everyone else and develop a following aka cult of your hairstyle worshipers.

hair is just another accessory, a very important one. fresh cut, messy styled hair and a daring color seem to be the winning combination. ombre hair is long forgotten (thanks god), now it's all about that sun-kissed feel and waves. think california beaching! if you're having trouble styling your hair in a messy perfection just make out passionately with your boyfriend for a while, he'll style it for you...

i already regret promising my bf i won't color my hair!

harper & harley

fashion coolture

garance dore

elle and jess

style heroine

native fox 

this chic's got style

golden daimonds

fashion toast

gary peper

 ordinary people

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