Dress For The Job You Want

i bet you guys have all heard of a little tip that goes something like this: "dress for the job you want, not the one you have." i used this tip quite a few times already and i must say it always made a good impression. and that's what really counts in the end, doesn't it? especially if landing a new job is in question.

so i came up with a few hot fashion professions and outfit ideas that fit each title...

editor in chief
to master the effortless chicness of french editors you only need a pair of skinny jeans rolled above your ankles, a simple tee, perfectly tailored blazer and a pair of classic heels. voila, you're an editor! to turn it up a notch get inspired by christine centenera and pair a lace dress with an oversized blazer. don't forget the shades.

let your freak flag fly, experiment and what ever you do, don't hold back. show off your creativity and your passion for fashion. mix patterns, styles and colors,be individual and daring. i would suggest mixing trends with timeless classics just to show your range. if on the set, than always go for comfort but try not to compromise the style. thank god sneakers are a trend, right?

fashion editor
you're not there just yet and you need to let the editor in chief take the spotlight. i would go for a more youthful take on the editor outfit, with adding some leather, sparkle and bling. bomber jacket is a good choice as well as the skater skirt. t-shirts with funny captions are accepted as well.

i already did the "what models wear" post a while back so just to quickly summarize: let your personality shine through your style and make sure to highlight your best features. black is models best friend, as well as simplicity. i personally love those careless outfits with a lot of attitude.

fashion writer
your job is to write about fashion so make sure to make that obvious for everyone to see. there's lots of running around, meetings, interviews and events to attend so keep it as comfortable as possible. fashion isn't all about glam, it's how we adjust it to our needs. mix casual with classic, functional with a pop of latest trends.

whether you're aiming for street style or fashion photography, you can go a bit rock & roll with your outfits. as your job often requires acrobatic skills and other stunts make sure to keep it functional. leggings and t-shirt are a great idea, accessorize with some jewelry or crazy hair. for some reason i picture photographers wearing plaid and going a pit punk. don't think i actually meet a photographer in such outfit...

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