Decorating Decisions

my decorating project is in full swing... dad painted my ceiling last week, yesterday i finally got paint on my walls and my new chest of drawers from ikea has arrived. i know, i know... i wanted my room to be as unique as possible, trying to include flee market finds, second hand furniture and diy-s but i couldn't resist this one piece. i can't live out of a suitcase any longer.

as i've planed, everything so far is as white as snow. today i was looking for the perfect wooden floor to add to the room but i'm not sure whether choosing color is a great idea... or should i just keep it white? i'm in a dilemma about adding color. i know i want to include some black, maybe hues of brown or gray, but how much, which pieces, which elements? so many decisions to be made! here is some more decorating inspiration for my room...

 photo: pinterest

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