So... This is How it Feels Like to Work at Elle

by now you guys know that my absence usually means something big is coming up and in this case you are absolutely right. i have quite a week behind me, it's been an absolute dream come true and i can't believe i'm actually going to write these words.

a few weeks ago i entered a competition for an internship at our biggest publishing company, equivalent to conde nast. at first i didn't intend to apply for a simple reason that competitions usually don't wok out in my favor and well, i have a little thing called a full time job. but then again i said to myself it could be the big breakthrough that i was working for so long...

so i spend a few days and quite a few sleepless nights to perfectionise my resume and to work on all the necessary documents. i was over the moon a few days later when i received the call that they want me in for an interview.

after the shortest interview in my life i received that call i've been literally waiting for my whole life and i was in. the phone rang when i was in a chinese restaurant in a mall in zagreb, having lunch with my girls. they were all embarrassed when i started screaming like a crazy person. i mean c'mon, i deserve a this-is-the-best-thing-that-ever-happened-to-me reaction. so that's it, i'm one of the five interns in #hudjob project at adria media company that publishes elle, cosmopolitan, playboy and other popular magazines.

as a web editor and journalist my first task was to interview guests at the biggest fashion event in our country - fashion week aquafresh for i must admit i was a bit nervous at first, since it was my first time interviewing people for a video, and waaaay outside my comfort zone, but after the first take i felt right into it.

after each show i grabbed my camera man, the microphone and  hunted down celebs and fashion experts to ask fashion related questions like "what's the dna of slovenian design?" or "how stylish are slovenian men?" you can check the videos here, they're all in slovene of course.

it was really great to hang out with the fw team, to get to know the editorial staff and see how content for fw is created. and my co-interns (the photographer, journalist, social media manager and graphic designer) are really awesome too, we had so much fun going through our first assignments. my mentor said we all did a really great job. best feeling ever!

oh and for the prizes... we get to drive the newest renault clio and captur cars, we get a mentorship from an employment agent, one of us will fly to ucla to spend 2 week broadening his horizons and the amazing experience of working for all these magazines is a prize on its own. imagine elle on your resume - it doesn't get any better than that!

there's a million things that happened this past week so if you want to follow our three month journey through the internship, all the assignments and adventures, we're gonna be writing a blog for, so make sure to check it out! can't wait to see what they have in store for us next...

yeah i know, i know...  now i have to bite my tongue for saying so many times it's impossible to brake into the little circle called "top slovenian editorial staff". i'm one of them now!

photo: grega as, sasa kapetanovic, helena milost

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