What to Wear to Work?

i've splurged on some new wardrobe pieces for my upcoming life-changing event that i can't really talk about yet and that got me thinking about dress codes and work-wear. since my last job had a very strict dress code where the only option was my uniform, i'm kind of rethinking the whole what's-appropriate-to-wear-to-work thing.

i know it all depends on the job itself that's why i'm very interested in what your field is and what your work "uniform"?! what you're allowed to wear and what's taking it a little bit too far? do you wear pretty much same thing all the time or do you experiment with your work outfits? do you wear high heels to work? sequins? ripped jeans? would you be more daring if you'd worked in a different field?

let's say this job you've got is somehow related to fashion or maybe the dress code is just not courtroom kind of strict and you're allowed to express yourself through clothes. here are some work-wear outfit ideas that i was thinking about. are u interested in what landed in my shopping cart?

photos: lookbook, maffashion

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