The Bra - Foundation of Any Outfit or Modern Torture Device?

i genuinely hate bras! and hate is a nice word for what i'm feeling towards this piece of under-clothing. i think they should be called what they really are - torture devices, and the person that made wearing them a social convention deserves to be burned on a hay stack.

they're unbelievably uncomfortable and despite tying 100 and one different type i haven't yet found one that i would wear without shedding a tear. that's why i never wear a bra at home. never ever. and that's pretty much most of the time. and sometimes i'm too lazy to put it on when going to the post office or grocery store, i just wear an oversized hoodie instead. to camouflage that little fact.

one time i was shopping with my mom and tying out something in the changing room when she come to check on me and saw me not wearing a bra. she couldn't believe i would go out in public not wearing a bra.

i don't understand all the fuss about going bra-less. isn't it more natural that way? and so many clothes today, especially dresses and cot-out or see-through tops, look soooo much better without a bra. when will this madness stop? i feel like i'm living in the victorian times with those ridiculous corsets that made women faint.

i guess for now i'll just have to adapt although i resist with all fours. so far the only remotely decent solution are sport bras and very simple lace or sheer fabric ones without bones to support the boobies. and because every so often you need to update the undergarment stock i was trying to find something that would fit my bra-less spirit.

let me know where you shop for your bras and knickers, i would appreciate your suggestions.

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