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as i've said in my previous post my work sometimes relies completely on scoping fresh new design talents and their willingness to cooperate. attending student fashion shows is a must as well as the ability to recognize talent and be the first to include it in your work. i have a few favorites but am constantly discovering new designers that literally blow my mind. i want to introduce a few of them and hopefully get their name out there...

anja dragan
i've worked with anja on one of my all time favorite shoots "resistance of the sun" back in 2011. it was than and there that i realized this girl is an incredible talent, a true innovator and an amazing designer. she goes way beyond function and rather focuses on fashion as an art form. her clothes are to be shown in galleries, not runways. it's not at all surprising she was interning with iris van herpen and honestly i can't wait to see her haute couture in a few seasons, her creations are a jaw dropper.

matic veler
i discovered matic same time as anja, working on the same shoot, looking for unique and edgy design that would transform my models into alien resistance team. if i'm not mistaken matic was a freshman at fashion design faculty at that time and seeing his recent designs just a few days ago, i can't say i'm surprised what he accomplished. his aesthetic is similar to anja's, leaving no room for function and leaving it all to form. i love his cut-out technique that creates patterns and kind of 3d prints. his black design from the runway is almost devilish, i can't get my eyes off of it.

tina gorjanc
i've worked with tina in a similar period, being drawn to her by incredible manipulation of materials. when i discovered her i fell in love with the zipper corset and every time i see those photos, i still can't believe how she tailored it to fit perfectly. looking through her other designs you notice that she's like that with all of her designs. there's always that question "how the hell did you make this happen?". her latest collection "moment" rises the same astonishment.

janja videc
i don't want to play favorites because each and every one of these designers has it's own voice and it's own aesthetic that makes them special, but janja is especially close to my heart. her design just fits me, it's as simple as that. she's also one of the first young slovenian designers i collaborated with, making our relationship one of the most essential for my career. i used her designs on numerous shoots and if i could make her my personal seamstress that would be a dream come true. unlike designers above, janja's design is functional but at the same time it tells a story. her last collection is a play between light and dark with strong symbolism that makes everything look very personal. i always thought of her as a big mystery, even as a person, and having designed each collection in a completely different theme, with completely unexpected inspiration, only proves that.

blaz cuk
unfortunately for me and luckily for him, blaz escaped to berlin where he's pursuing his career as a designer. he's designs are very dark, a bit gothic even, perfect for the city with a dark past. much like other designers i had the pleasure of styling his designs in various ways, from fashion shoots to model books. his latest collection is menswear which is just a bit disappointing to me, hopefully we can expect a women's collection soon.

damir rakovic - atelje ponorelii
costume designer that's not just someone i work with but i can sincerely call my friend, is always surprising me with his art. he turns the most unconventional materials into something beautiful. the ability to literally transform a piece of trash into an object of attraction is beyond astonishing. i have this amazing ring that he made playing around with a piece of metal, not even thinking about designing. each and every piece has an amazing story behind them, which is so much more than just making clothes for the sake of it.

photos: designer portfolios, ana gregoric,

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