Fashion... Exposed!

just recently we were talking with my dear sandra about nudity in fashion. her opinion was that fashion is slowly going back to more covered models and naturally i had to disagree. i think as long as anja rubik & co are dominating the scene, there will be nudity. and there u go... a week after vogue russia flashes us with her boob.

i have absolutely nothing against nudity. hell if someone is pro-nudity, it's me, standing there with a huge banner: "free the boobs!" i go to nudist camps and nudist beaches, i resist to wear underwear and i had my fair share of nude photos taken once upon a time.

models that have worked with me could tell you that one of the first questions i always ask them is if they have any constrains about nudity.

because see, as far as my personal opinion goes, the nude body is beautiful in any shape and form and it's something no one should be ashamed of. especially in fashion where photography portraits dreams and desire in an artistic way, i find the female form not erotic but simply beautiful.

i must say i was surprised by the russian vogue march 2014 cover with anja rubik and her exposed boob, not because i would find it distasteful or unnecessary as many of the readers did, but simply because i've thought nudity is banned from fashion magazine's covers.

vogue smartly covered the boob with a sticker on a plastic bag but when you peal it off, the breast remains. is it provocation or a simple call of attention? or an acceptance of women's position in modern russia?

maybe it's none of those and the moment just so happened. and because it was so natural they just let it go to print... with the only statement significant: it's who we are, we're all naked underneath all those layers. all the same, no matter the origin and social status. all human. all beautiful.

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