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hi guys, sorry for the set back. as i've said i'm in the middle of moving this blog to a new and better place but in spite all my attempts i did not manage to do so this weekend due to my computer ignorance. i had to give it to the professionals so let's hope the stylist gets its new home this week.
alongside with that i've been swamped with work which is kind of ironic since i'm jobless. like i've commented in my previous post it's all about what you make of it so i decided to turn this situation into my advantage. i've learned so much while setting up that it inspired me to do more. i'm improving my photoshop skills, taking  up a class on email marketing and planing on doing qualifications for a fashion stylist. i also took upon some projects i'll share with you soon aaaaand we have a special shoot on thursday that i'm really excited about. so if i was living a loser life about a month ago, i now wish my day had more than just 24 hours.
i've also been thinking a lot about the blog. what do i want to do with it, which direction to go for, what kind of content i want to produce and even more what kind of content i don't want. since the beginning when this blog was still "oblačilnica" my mission was to be different and write more about style rather than fashion. i try to keep that in mind when posting but more often i just rely on my instinct and write about whatever inspires me in the moment. since this blog will soon be linked to my personal page i wanted to link the content too, making it more about styling and less about all the other unnecessary bullshit i write about.

with that in mind i would really appreciate it if you would take 3 minutes to fill out this survey and help the blog develop to its full potential >> click to take survey here!!! 

thank you so much guys!

photo: ana gregorič

* by the closing of this post the stylist got a job interview, proving what kind of difference can a simple change of perspective have. cross your fingers guys!

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