between all the rejections i got lately, the overall despair upon the job market situation and stressing about my uncertain future i didn't really have the right motivation to dedicate myself to the blog. i guess that's reflected in my recent posts which is kinda sad in way but hey, no one is perfect. all i want to do in times like this is get insanely drunk and leave it to my tipsy mind to brainstorm on some awesome idea on how to get out of this depressing situation. unfortunately for me i was going through a really bad cold so booze was out of the question. i'm almost back among the living/healthy, looking forward to solving the greatest mystery of the modern time - how the fuck to survive in this economy? it's like kevin said to lip in this week's episode of shameless: "you're resourceful. you'll figure it out." and i will.
why am i telling you this? i actually wanted to lead this story to what i've actually been doing which is putting together a brand new website. it was quite a project since i didn't have a clue about what i'm doing and i think it turned out quite well. there's still some pimping to be done but mostly this is it. in the next few days i'm gonna move this blog to a new domain which i've never done ether so fingers crossed i don't screw it up. you might experience some problems on the site while i'm working on it so please be patient and thanks for understanding. if you went through this painful experience before and you have any advice, i'd be happy to hear from you.

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