despite loving to mix and match, to layer up and play with fashion when i'm styling, my personal style is quite the opposite. simple and without all the unnecessary junk. my uniform are jeans and t-shirt, replaced by an oversized sweater in the cold months. i know, oh so boring! but i just can't help it, my everyday outfits are always comfortable first, and after that if there's room for styling it up i add an interesting detail.

i guess i kind of agree with the statement that creative minds put all their passion into their work and not "waste" their talent on over-thinking their wardrobe. like michael kors for instance. i'm not saying i'm anywhere near his level of brilliance (although his just shown collection is pretty much zzzZzzzZZzz...) i just don't like to complicate with my day to day looks. usually it takes me about 2 min to get dressed... i grab my jeans or leggings, a top and a sweater...

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