PFW Diary: Stressed, Depressed but Well Dressed

i have a "post paris fashion week syndrome" aka lots of work and zero energy due to the cold caused by shitty parisian weather. wish there could be a pill for this. anyway i guess you`re interested (or not) in how the fashion week went, well i`m gonna tell u in any case.
i already complained about the cold weather that took me a little bit by surprise making it a bit difficult to move around. i don`t mind taking the metro but it`s so much better to just walk around and soak in the beauty of the city. first day we had a bit of a logistic problem making me miss my first show, but hey, casualties are inevitable.
my men`s fashion week started with y project a french-based luxury menswear brand designed by glenn martens. this was my second season of men`s fw, first one that took place in winter so i was quite surprised about all the black waiting for show to begin. i fit right in. i was standing next to diane pernet, observing street style photographers and trying to find extraordinary style. not as promising as women`s fw taht`s for sure. ok, the show. it was ok, deep loud music, dark colors, a mix of modern elegance and urban wear, some female models, some pieces i wouldn`t mind hanging in my closet. all in all it was a good start but i wasn`t blown away.
after the show i had to warm up with some mc-coffee and make a plan for the rest of the day, aka trying to avoid rain. basically i made mcdonalds my fashion week base, it was the only place with a reasonably priced coffee and wifi + you can find one on every street. thanks mcdonalds! i know, so fab!
my next show was john lawrence sullivan at espace commines, venue of many great fashion shows. front row seat - not bad, great clothes - even better. i liked sullivan`s collection, it was quite classical, but the materials and cuts made it new and fresh. the piece i remembered the most was the cape which was so in style of i`ll-just-wrap-my-coat-around-my-shoulders kind of editor fashion. you know what i`m talking about.
after the show it was time to get some delicious jet cheap chinese found on every corner of paris. the event that occurred next i promised to myself wont find its way to the public, so let`s just say, it was a case of bad organisation. anyway, the rest of the fashion shows that day was pretty much impossible to get in to, valentino, haider ackermann and raf simons have "dream on" written all over them. to ease the pain from rejection i had to visit one place that always inspires me - the opera. it`s one of my favorite spots in paris but unfortunately night kind of outran me and combined with rain it just didn`t make a great photo opportunity. i avoided the rain by visiting galerie lafayette, a must for all visitors in paris and one of the most amazing department stores in the world. a little bit of chanel can always make u feel better!
day ended with cheese, baguette, french wine and my beloved laptop.

to be continued...

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