Outfit: Tourist in Paris

what can i say, even if i visited paris seven times already, taking pictures with my favorite monuments in the background never gets old. sometimes it just feels good to play a silly tourist...
since there were actually two days where the weather didn`t suck as much, i went with a very brave choice and wore a skirt. oui madame et monsieur, i`m wearing a skirt. actually i was and still kinda am in a weird phase where i love skirts so i bought a few last summer. i have to admit, i don`t know what i was so afraid of, i really felt good wearing this pleated one bought by my boyfriend on a shopping spree in stockholm. i wanted to make a school uniform kinda look and this is what came out, hope you guys like it.

 h&m skirt, harvard hoodie, gina tricot jacket, no name scarf, persun bag

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