Outfit: PFW #1

gosh... i really thought i`d have more time to take proper outfit photos, i really did, but as it turned out i was just running from show to show, trying to avoid the cold and shitty weather. i have to admit my pfw outfits were always put together with the most important function in mind - keeping me warm. i was shaking from cold when i saw all those lads in short sleeves, rolled up jeans and no socks. why? the? hell? i will never understand people that rather catch pneumonia in order to look "stylish".
i was actually very optimistic when packing my suitcase. the forecast said 10 degrees but i forgot what a mother fucker the wind in paris can be. so the first thing i had to do was buy a warm scarf. it basically saved my whole trip. the next thing i did was pile up on all the clothes... layering! the more the merrier. i still kept it somehow simple and in the color scheme of pfw - black.

 h&m jeans, topman t-shirt, janja videc cardigan, gina tricot jacket

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