PFW Diary: I`m on the List!!

and we`re at day 3 of my fashion trip to paris, half way through men`s fashion week. finally it was a day when i could sleep in a little bit and finally a day blessed with some much needed sunshine. my shows didn`t start till late afternoon, because let`s be honest margiela and givenchy are not quite up my alley jet so it was time to visit all those city spots i love so much. breakfast at sacre coeur is a must! followed by a walk around the montmartre area, opportunity to take some shots. this is the area closest to my hart since it`s the area where i used to live. there`s no real words to describe how walking down those same streets i used to call home feels. magical!
full of positive energy i anticipated the henrik vibskov show. the runway had a special treat in store for us, that we were all wondering about. there were long straps hanging from the frame and once the vibskov team came out and hang them high in the air it was time for the presentation to begin. the long straps were moving along with models walking down the catwalk creating an interesting visual effect that completed the collection. the clothes were a mix of folk prints and white pieces with 3d patterns. an interesting combination indeed. what caught my eye where the balloon like coats, that reminded me of those inflated sumo wrestlers u see in comedy shows. vibskov sure does have humor.
after vibskov i hopped to the shuttle bus and crossed my fingers for galliano. the thing was i didn`t really have an invitation but i was supposed to be on the list. try explaining that to the pr lady, she was barely literal. my slovenian companion got in after checking for the third time, because they didn`t know how to spell his name. same happened to me only i wasn`t as persistent as him. big mistake! there`s a saying in slovenian that goes something like this: "the one who doesn`t speaks out, starves bread" which means if you don`t speak out you may be left out which happened in this case. long story short, there was an empty seat next to him and i was left outside listening to one of the best soundtracks on fashion week so far. i wasn`t furious at all i just felt very disappointed by the whole situation. galliano`s pr if you`re reading this: get your shit together!!

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