Dear Editors and Other Fashion Industry Employers,

there`s only so much bullshit one can take and i just as about reached my level of tolerance. i`ve pretty much had it with your excuses and apologetic exploitation. how on earth can you expect for people to work for you for free is beyond my understanding.
you`re looking for 3-5 years of experience, a dedicated person who will devote his full time to the project, someone who knows fashion in and out, has countless connections, knows photoshop, lightroom, seo, excel, adobe illustrator, wordpress, indesign, mac osx, has a bachelors degree, has experience managing a team, someone who can work on multiple projects, has amazing organisation skills, strong work ethics, social media skills, perfect english, detail oriented, buys you the right coffee and wipes your ass all for free.
actually as you state in return your enslaved worker will gain valuable experience, personal and professional growth, media exposure beyond belief, a reference to brag about and a lifestyle of a bum if i may add. how is this even remotely fair and equal to what you`re asking for? i don`t understand how this can even be legal and even more so i can`t believe how do you not feel disgusted with yourself to even make such offers!?
and don`t even get me started with the internships! they`ve reached a whole new level of exploitation that is justified with the learning experience. experience my ass! if you seek for a student with countless skills and make him do the same tasks as your employees, that does not make him an intern, that just makes him your free work force. internship is meant to give you experience, not the other way around, making the intern donate his experience to the company.
there has been much fuss around this in the past few months, from conde nast ending their internship program to alexander mcqueen who was searching for a talented knitwear student. this has to come to an end at some point. it`s not at all reasonable for big companies to exploit internships and hire experienced workers to do the labor for free, when they invest millions of dollars for advertising, when their product cost beyond reasonable prices and when their annual profit is counted in billions. believe me they can afford to pay their interns.
and as far as the small business goes, if you can`t afford to hire someone than don`t. do the work yourself or don`t do it at all. if i can`t afford to put gas in my car than i`ll just have to get up from my ass and walk. or take the fucking bus! you see where i`m going with this? if you cant afford to run a business and pay your employees than shut it down and do everyone a favor.
if somehow you still think its legitimate to work for free you seriously need to consult with this chart or maybe you`re just an asshole and you deserve pubic lice and for your hands to shrink to such extend you won`t be able to scratch...

photo: layers of pr

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