Outfit: Janja Videc Coat

when it first hit me that i`m going to paris for men`s fashion week i naturally went into panic mode. what the fuck am i going to wear? and whit only the carry on luggage nonetheless. well... in situations like this it really comes in handy that i`m a stylist by profession and designers are my go to people. i instantly thought of one designer in particular for one simple reason, her style just fits my personality so well. i`m talking about one of my favorite slovenian designers - janja videc. it was quite a logistical mission to get the clothes since she`s still polishing her skills in denmark, but it was a success and it calmed down my nerves at least a bit.
this coat has to be one of the pieces i love most from her collection and styling it was quite fun actually. i put on every light hanging piece of clothing i had packed in my suitcase, i really had to layer up and this is what came out of it. it was so unfortunate that on this very day my all-over-the-place head forgot the sd card for my camera so i ended up dragging it around without the possibility of taking any photos. let`s hope i find some good shots on the street style blogs.

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