PFW Diary: Date with Mr. Murphy

day two fortunately started a little bit later for me, having the opportunity to sleep in a little bit but woke up with a headache. before going to shows i had time to play the tourist a little bit, visit the louvre, walk through jardin de tuileries, have some coffee and something other than junk food for lunch.
my first show of the day was boris bidjan siberi at place vendome and of course the murphy had it and it started to rain right at the moment when i had to teleport myself to the venue. on top of that i wanted to take a shortcut and somehow ended making it the longest way. ugh! i arrived just in time and really enjoyed the show. i loved the big bags and backpacks, blankets instead of scarfs and the mysterious look. after the show i had time to check out the fashion crew a little bit. black all around. i won`t say the style is gothic but it`s very dark, asymmetrical, lots of layering, leather, long and sleek silhouettes, boots. pretty much same for guys and girls. the ones that always stand out is the asian mafia. they can really put anything on and somehow make it look stylish. i saw some weird color combinations, huge platforms, lots of bling and fur. on guys, not to be mistaken.
the second show of the day was julius. we arrived in a very dark basement and once one of the press photographers shouted: "no strobo please" it was obvious something`s up. the deep ad loud music started and the strobo blinded us all. it was kind of difficult to see the models, the whole atmosphere was very club like, give me a drink and i can start dancing. the collection itself wasn`t in the spirit of clubbing, it was actually kind of futuristic but at the same time contemporary. rick owens back in fall 2010. i can`t avoid that reference. models were wrapped in puffy coats and big collars like cocoons. the white coats looked like yummy marshmallows. aside from that the collection was pretty much in tune with what we saw so far: dark, edgy, asymmetrical, leather, skinny fabrics, black,... after the show i actually meet two more slovenians, a hair stylist and make up artist. so weird to hear my language randomly on the streets of paris.
julius was the last show of the day so i ran back to the apartment, back to work and back to writing.

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