How to Have a Successful Fashion Blog

there are many articles out there that offer tips on how to start a successful blog but here`s the harsh truth: only the very best will ever become famous and successful. whether you count your success in numbers of followers and visits per day or the amount of free goods you get from your favorite brands, we can all agree on the fact that only a few selected bloggers can actually say they have made a living out of it. let`s leave all the technical seo bullshit aside and concentrate on the superficial stuff, which no one wants to admit is the main reason why blogs are popular. so let`s get down to business, here`s what it takes to have a successful fashion blog:

1. posses good genes
if you look at the most successful bloggers you will pretty quickly find the feature they all have in common - they are all gorgeous. now there isn`t a lot you can do about it if you weren't blessed with good genes... sorry to brake this to you but blogs were made for beautiful people.

2. labels labels labels
burberry, celine, balenciaga, proenza schouler, acne, saint laurent, chanel, alexander wang, louis vuitton, isabel marant, hermes, michael kors, philip lim,...

3. boyfriend photographer
now this one is an important one. it`s absolutely necessary for your blog to be successful to have a boyfriend photographer. sisters and girl friends are out of the question. if you already have a boyfriend i suggest you gift him with some photography courses and a dslr camera. if you`re somehow still single make the grounds of the local photography collage your new favorite place to be.

4. exclusive locations
now you have your good looks, designer clothes and a photographer boyfriend to go with all that. what`s left is that perfect location for your outfit shoot. think nyc, miami, amsterdam, maldives, paris, los angeles, milano, stockholm, bali, london,... if you don`t live in any of these places it might take some logistic skills and a patron of the arts to go with your constant travels.

5. stalk celebrities
have coffee with karl, a dinner date with anna or bump into cara or even better kate. this might require amazing pr skills or in other hand a good old stalking routine.

6. what u write matters
this one is actually the least important of them all but what you have to say to the readers (what a shocker) matters! make sure to praise your brands and even more persistently praise your readers. they`re the ones who made u famous in the first place.
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