Favorite Online Fashion Magazines

holidays are the perfect excuse to take some time for ourselves and flip trough some fashion magazines or in our case click trough the pages of online fashion magazines. they are always a good source of inspiration, with great editorials, interviews, fresh music ideas and what`s best is that they`re free and always on your news stand aka your browser. i give u a list of my favorite online fashion magazines...

one of my definite favorite online fashion magazines that features the best editorials is papercut magazine. their october dark fantasies issue also included an editorial and cover from my super awesome teammates ana and sanda.

xo magazine
a magazine that featured our "journey on" editorial as well as my reports from paris fashion week is always a great source of fashion inspiration as well as a great tribute to music especially to new and unknown artists.

kismet magazine
another magazine that featured our work and i love to click trough for it`s vibrant and diverse editorials is kismet magazine.

our first editorial feature was in w25 magazine which always has a great selection of fashion photography.

institute magazine
i just love the editorials in institute magazine! they`re probably one of the most high fashion and extravagant far and wide. only the best fashion photography gets selected for this online candy.

untitled magazine
online fashion magazine that uses different themes for each issue is devoted to music, art, travel and movies, all wrapped into a cellophane of fashion.

sometimes controversial and always very edgy, i love the concept of this online magazine. it`s free spirited and voyeuristic. 

photos: online fashion magazines above

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