2013 was F***** Epic, Jealous Much?

i guess its that time of the year when you have to look back and reflect on all the stupid shit you`ve done in the past 12 months and somehow use that experience to make the next one even more epic. i`m gonna be very brave and try to find those moments, maybe i`ll find some forgotten memories on the way and try to make everyone that`s reading this insanely jealous. that`s the whole point of these kind of posts anyway, no?

fucking january
is january the month with most suicides? well it sure seemed like it and i still don`t know how but i successfully avoided being a part of that statistics. death 0 : 1 katja. in your face grim reaper! i would never have done it without the help of my best friend - the booze, so thank you and cheers! talking about my best friend, we really had some great moments together and the highlight of the whole month was definitely the training i attended in preparation for my departure to my biggest odyssey jet - job on a cruise ship. i was clueless at the time but now i know no training in the world could ever prepare me for what i was getting myself into. oh yeah... it was an adventure to say the least.

are u shitting me february?
bitches be trippin that`s how bored i was. so bored i completely engaged in blogging, trying to blog my sorrow away. blog was my new booze... february was by far the longest month of my life. how ironic. it`s like rain on your wedding day and free ride when u already paid! thank the kind spirits of *insert your object of belief here* fashion month made everything just a little bit more bearable. unfortunately after two crazy seasons of front row seats (ok, let`s get real it was actually 4th row or even more so often standing all the way in the back making it impossible to spot anything other than tops of models heads) i was bitching about newest collections from the one seat that will always have a special place in my heart - my bed. all grumping aside i did come up with some really great posts that made it all worthwhile.

hello march!
hold your pant on! it finally happened! after months of biting my nails and maniacally checking emails every 5 seconds i finally got the news i was waiting for. i stuffed my suitcase with necessities and flew to unknown. gone are the days of laying around doing jack shit, hello sunny caribbean. i had to brake up with the stylist, let it go gently - it was a case of "its not you, its me!" and started pretending i was a photographer. thanks to my crazy team i was awesome at pretending to be a photographer in no time.

having fun jet, april?
after getting used to living in a box, eating sawdust and being a slave to illogical rules and restrictions life on ship became quite enjoyable. i was not pissed about all the b&b time (beer and beach time). i was enjoying so much so that i was hurting form it. no really! i got the worst sunburn ever. that was the only time during my 8 month contract that i was off duty for the day. now that i think of it i wish i was "sunburned" more often. such a small price to pay fur such a good time...

may, i`m in love
you cannot truly appreciate the meaning of the word time-off until u work on a cruise ship, that`s why we made it the time of our lives when our ship was being revitalised for 3 whole weeks in cadiz spain. let me picture this for you: you work for two months 24/7  with people that couldn`t recognise their own reflection if they met it somewhere on the ship and than suddenly u can turn off the 6 am alarm clock, you can eat a sandwich that tastes like a sandwich, u can go on land and not check the time every 5 seconds because you`re terrified that you`ll miss the ship and be stranded in an unknown land forever... it`s fucking heaven and we knew it! i`ll never forget the picnics on the beach, those days when we just slept trough the whole day, the moet on the back of deck 11, strolling on the beautiful streets, the 1€ beer and how the waitress of nahu club cried when it was finally time to sail away. and last but not least how i (so not lady like) shouted this guy`s name, who later turned out to be the love of my life.

happy june
ok i get it, maybe there are things to be grateful for, all frozen gangways and formal nights aside. there`s not much else to say than: copanhagen - stockholm - st. petersurg - tallin - gothenburg - helsinki.

 to be continued....

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