From Russia With Love

hello my beautiful readers, i see you still check in with me although i've been lost at sea... currently in st. petersburg eating sushi and enjoying some russian beer. i must say ship life is very time consuming, it doesn't allow me to do much else than work and sleep. the time we have in ports is very limited so it's not very often that i spend it in wifi areas.
time flies and half of my contract is already done, can u imagine that? after the caribbean, we spent an awesome 3 weeks in dry dock in cadiz spain where our brilliant brilliance of the seas was being revitalized aka. photog's had 3 weeks vacation. a time i'll never forget! from warm spain we took our adventures to the baltics where in 12 days i get to visit awesome ports like copenhagen, stockholm, helsinki, st. petersburg, tallin and goetneberg. before we escape back to the states i even get to visit paris for a day - all that being said, i must admit i love my life right now, although my job isn't what i had hoped for.

kisses from russia

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