Caribbean style

gosh... time really flies on the ship. i feel like i just came and now that i finally got used to the hot weather it's our last cruise in the Caribbean. we're moving to europe soon, still not sure about my transfer to QM2.
so ship life... lot's of work, way too little sleep and 0 partys so far. if you envy all the amazing places i get to visit, don't. so far i only saw ports and cruise terminals, been to the beach exactly 2 times in one month and only today i got to actually explore some of the port of call - curacao. not that i'm complaining, we have lot's of fun doing our job and the guests are amazing too. i just wish i had more free time to sleep properly and see more of the caribbean islands. we'll see how it goes once we do the crossing to europe...
i miss writing and sharing my crazy life with you, hope you haven't forgot about the stylist just yet! sending you greets and kisses from curacao!!!

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