When I Feel Sad, I Stop Being Sad and Style a Photoshoot Instead

it's been exactly 4 months 2 days and 6 hours since i last styled a photoshoot. pretty horrible for someone who calls herself a wardrobe stylist, no? i feel terrible about it and i had quite a few abstinence crisis during this time. however there was very little i could do about it. now someone who doesn't stalk me 24/7 and has little idea about how styling business works might ask why didn't i work my ass off in these 5 months. well it's not because i wouldn't have any offers or i was to lazy, gosh no... styling comes with huge expenses and if you're flat broke like me it's impossible to do the job. unfortunately in slovenia most jobs are still pro bono which in my case means i can leave them to the more (or less) fortunate stylists. even in fashion capitals a lot of stylists admit you have to come from a good financial background to do the job.
so i could only click through facebook albums and online portfolios crying my heart out seeing what my colleagues and my team is producing. you know what i felt? jealousy. i was jealous of their work. and i'm not even a jealous type, can you imagine? it's in times like these when you truly realize how much you love your job. how much you miss the creative thrill and working with your team. the magic that happens on set and seeing your vision come to life. it's an amazing feeling that fulfills me both professionally and personally. so not to have that feeling for so long... well it just makes me sad.
saying all that you can understand my excitement when i got a txt this morning saying we have a shoot with my team tomorrow. it was somewhat like this! it's nothing huge but hey it's styling and it's my team - nothing beats that! i've been in such good mood the whole day... the process started with going through what the client wants and deciding what would work best. next step was going through tons of inspirational photos and scanning my wardrobe. after that i started selecting looks (because it's a small shoot my treasury will do) this time with some house music in the background. than all there's left is to pack and not to forget my styling kit.
happy like a kid on a christmas morning... tomorrow i can start counting from 0.

photo: ana gregorič

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