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there's been so much talk about suzie menkes's article, about dressing for the camera and blogging in general. almost everyone has their own opinion. i think it's great to have a discussion about all of that, it makes people more aware of what's going on in fashion and makes bloggers think about their credibility. too often we forget that blogs in fact are media.
last week's post about street style icons before fashion paparazzi inspired me to look into some of the popular fashion blogs and their beginnings in blogging. first i was only interested in their personal style but after scooping through the archives i noticed how blogs have changed in their content. here's what i've discovered...

the man repeller
leandra is very consistent with her blog content ever since she started back in 2010. her style however developed from pretty safe to taking fashion risks. she's amazing at layering.

style bubble
susie started with trend reports and outfit experiments in 2006. as you can see her outfit post were some kind of collages and the quality of the photos was pretty terrible. her style developed as did her critical eye and the photos nowday are just wonderful.

the blonde salad
chiara transformed from a shy girl next door to a true fashion icon. topics pretty much stayed the same since 2009 but the change in quality is pretty obvious.

bryan boy
oh bryan! if he wore this outfit in the present it would be a big fashion no no, but in 2004 he could get away with it. i must say i love his old blog posts. they're just so open and honest. he's probably the only fashion blogger to ever write about enema.

style by kling
elin clearly polished her style. the content is still as interesting as it was in 2009 and the photos definitely improved.

le blog de betty
betty's blog was about her personal style ever since she started in 2008. she has slowly developed her style and also her photos. the difference is pretty obvious, no?

style rookie
tavi hasn't posted since september last year. i guess she's too busy with her magazine or something. when she started her blog in 2008 she was only 12 and was considered a fashion prodigy. i never quite got her style or content for that matter, i think she could be one of the people who started the whole hipster thing...

sea of shoes
i used to love jane's style circa 2009 but just a few year back in 2007 it wasn't that inspiring. like susie she made her outfit posts into collages - guess that was the thing back then.

kate loves me
pelayo was a true party boy back in 2007! his style was much more casual and laid back than it is now.

style scrapbook
one of the biggest transformations goes to andy. when she started in 2008 there was much more trend reports and style inspirations than personal outfits. nowadays it's all about her style. also her photos went from funky collages to amazing street shots.

carolines mode
caroline's style was probably my biggest inspiration back in 2009. in my opinion she's one of the rare bloggers where her style regressed. the content was persistent and the site grew into several blogs but lately i just don't get the same excitement from her outfit posts.

5 inch and up
sandra maintains her quality both in content and style. the photos did get a bit more editorial since 2010 but for all the rest i have no comments.

come over to the dark side we have candy
from shooting her outfits in the mirror back in 2009 to photographer boyfriend in 2013 - that's how you develop your blog. cindy's style got polished as well and the change in photo quality is just amazing. her photos as well as outfits are one of my favorites.

it was one of the first blogs i followed and i used to love rumi. her style back in 2008 was very california laid back girl opposed to now when it's a bit more chic but still very rumi. there has been a tremendous change in photos, some of the location she shoots her outfits at are just breath taking.

the stylist
i didn't want to be a hypocrite so here's a photo of my outfit in 2009. scooping the archives i realized how dedicated i was to trends back then. i really made an effort to include them in my outfits, making lots of diy's and buying second hand clothes. i was still to develop my style. as far as content goes it was much more personal style oriented than today. and it seems i was partying all the time. damn i miss those days!

in conclusion: i think the biggest and most obvious change in all blogs were the photos. the style changed as much as fashion changed but photos are the ones that really show the difference and development. most bloggers snatched photographer boyfriends or even hired crews to shoot their outfits. i'm wondering why didn't i get the memo of blogger/photographer dating site??

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