Dear Future Boyfriend,

i want to make sure that by the time we meet in a hollywood cliché kind of manner you'll be your most awesome version of yourself and my ultimate wet dream. as you're well aware our species always tries to change you in some way so please just spare me all the trouble and work on a few small details...
first thing you'll have to do is make an appointment at the tattoo studio. and keep it a regular thing too. there's nothing sexier than tattoos on a hot bod. not too hot though i don't want to be chasing away vermin all the time. you're already tall, dark and handsome so that should get my attention. you don't need to be a model, actually i prefer if you're not. if you're looking for a career change than rockstar or a dj could be the perfect thing for you. whatever you choose make it something badass.
you don't have to be interested in fashion. all you need is a style that fits your bad boy personality - the trashier the better. there's nothing more annoying than a boyfriend who thinks his stylist girlfriend is gonna dress him... c'mon you look fucking awesome in just an old t-shirt and jeans what's there to think about? it's all about the attitude anyway!
you have to be crazy to even consider hangin out with me let alone be my +1. if not, you won't be able to keep up with me. if you're not a party animal than just forget it, it's not meant to be. i've been told i'm very hard to please but that's only because i know exactly what i want. i want someone who's not boring, someone who'll inspire me and let me dream big. oh and you don't have to be rich, you just have to know how to make me smile.

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