I'm Sinking

another one of my coworkers got the email. he's leaving tomorrow for miami. all i could think of hearing the news was: "why him? why not me?" i really don't get the company's method of selection. it's fucking nerve wracking! don't get me wrong i'm very happy for him but also frustrated by the fact that i'm still here.
coming back to slovenia and pursuing this job i thought i would be sailing around the world in two months time. it's been almost four and i'm still here. i don't know how much longer i can take it. i feel like i wasted four months of my life. unlike the four months i had in paris which were the best time ever (not just having a great time but gaining all the experience) i'm having the worst time right now. and that's at the age when i should be doing something meaningful, instead i'm just sitting at home waiting. four months that i'll never get back again...if someone told me it would take this long i would organise my life completely different. thank's image for totally screwing my life before i even began working for you! oh and on top of all that i really hoped i could skip this shitty winter and go somewhere warm. well... it's almost spring...

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