Secrets From a Stylist: Multifunctionality

sounds complicated but in fact it's really simple. everything can be used in different ways for different purposes, you just have to see it and be a little creative sometimes. i'm talking about clothes and accessories being used in unconventional ways. there's literally million possibilities so i'll only give a few examples i often used on my photoshoots.
as i've said before belts are a great accessory and can be used in many ways. in this case you can easily convert them in jewelry, especially if they're embellished. use them as necklaces, bracelets or even head pieces. jewelry can also be multifunctional. on one shoot i bound a few bracelets together and made a great new necklace. another simple trick is to use a dress as a top or use a shirt as a dress or skirt. there are endless possibilities with using a shawl or scarf and vice versa. there were times when i used shirts as scarves. you can make a belt almost out of anything: shirts, scarves, ties or as i did a suspender belt.
the whole idea is not to restrain yourself just with the intended use of the item but explore different ways of how you can incorporate it into the outfit. think outside the box!

using a suspender belt

belt as a necklace

shirt as a scarf

necklace made out of bracelets and belt as a bracelet

photos: ana gregorič, noree anne celine and

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