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in case you were wondering what happened to my 30 day project this is the case: nothing. nothing happened! i did start writing a book but that went on for exactly two pages and then i ran out of beer. a few weeks ago i tweeted what motivates me for writing: a) inspiration  b) emotion  c) alcohol  and  d) all that together. one simple motivation is also a deadline but it doesn't really provide the quality i aim for. i think most writers would agree with my motivation factors, so when there's none present it's pretty much impossible for me to write. i rather just look at those two pages for half a year than force myself to write. i wouldn't be true to myself. it has to come natural.
so how was i keeping my self busy for the last few weeks? i was browsing through pages of style.com, polyvore and netaporter, brainstorming on post ideas, searching for the right photos, reading articles and researching different areas, playing with photoshop and writing for hours and hours per day... i think now i can truly say i'm a full time blogger.
i started with no expectation it was just a way to pass time because it's something i enjoy and love doing but after spending hours and even days on a single post some expectations emerged. to tell you the truth i was really disappointed. i came to learn that amount of time and effort put into a post or even the idea itself doesn't really matter. it's kinda frustrating that blogs with a bad template, poor photo quality, no imagination and uninteresting content still get so far. what is it for you that makes a good blog?
i noticed this trend among the popular personal style bloggers (and i wrote about this once before, i'm just to fucking lazy to find it) they all follow trends religiously. how does that make them special if 3682 other bloggers wear the same thing? it's just not original. i have no need to follow 10 blogs with the same content. it's like reading 10 newspapers every morning, all reporting about same happenings. that's why i really admire slovenian bloggers who don't have access to all the designer shit and rather work on their personal style. big up you guys!!
sure even on the stylist i write about trends, quite often in fact, couse i love finding new interesting pieces that challenge my style, but you won't see me wearing trends. maybe if a piece i own just happen to be in trend but i would never buy something just because it's trendy. as Quentin Crisp said: "fashion is something you adopt when you don't know who you are."  i totally agree. i'm happy with my style and my wardrobe and if the fact that i don't own a neon beanie or wang sandals won't ever get me to "the most popular bloggers list" i couldn't give less fucks.
supporting my case in battle between trends and the genuine content is the blog's statistics: instead of reading about fashion and style you rather hear me bitching about my personal and professional life. which is actually a bit funny to me but hey... i can bitch as long as you want to read!

photos: facehunter and all over google

some of the topics that got me thinking are also covered in this great article about "the circus of fashion", bloggers dressing for the camera is just one of them.

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