8 Stylish Men to Follow

i'm not a big follower of men's style blogs, actually till recently i only followed one so i had to do a little research and find some good blogs. it was much like searching for a perfect boyfriend. i suspect most of my male readers aren't to excited about guys wearing women's clothes (please correct me if i'm wrong) so i'll skip the bryanboys and pelayos of the blogosphere and focus on boys being boys... so here are some stylish men to follow:

i am galla
adam just moved to new york to pursuit his dream and he does that with style. his looks range everything from preppy to rock.

reyal fashion
reinaldo is a fashion stylist and writer of "style protocol" a style guide for modern men. he's the go to guy when in need for some outfit inspiration.

edward h.
edward is a simple boy from california with simple style.

quyen mike
19 year old photographer from london with a badass style and some really amazing photos.

mochine x aoki
another fashion stylist with impeccable taste. mochine comes from casablanca so be prepared to be blown aways with his street style photos.

hermes is my dad
eros is a 21 year old fashion management student from munich who loves to mix street wear, casual and elegant.

your mirror
as a designer from italy lorenzo sure knows the meaning of style.

peter alexander labugger
peter is a photographer from graz and on his blog you'll find great outfit photos as well as his work.

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