Secrets From a Stylist: Accessorising

here's a little secret of accessorising: let's see how you can create a theme using only a few pieces of well chosen accessories.
stylist are usually given a theme based upon which they choose clothes and accessories for the shoot. they have to create a certain mood, feeling or story. much like you when you decide in the morning what to wear. in my career i slowly learned that you don't always have to be so literal. actually the less clothes have in common with the theme the better. the secret is creating the story with just a few pieces of accessories. take the photos below for an example: the celine fall12 look has very little in common with the moroccan theme of our photoshoot for the stylist created the theme just by using the right accessories - an arabic inspired necklace and scarfs, which are bound in a turban. see what i mean?

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