Street Style Icons Before The Fashion Paparazzi

all this talk about the circus around fashion shows and writing about trends vs. style got me thinking even deeper... what was it like when there were no street style photographers? how did our beloved style icons dress and how did they behave? finding photos from pre blogger era was difficult since well there were almost no street style photographers back then. i browsed through archives of the blog that started it all - the sartorialist. it's interesting to see genuine outfits in the beginning and then somewhere in 2007 when it all started to change. style blogs became popular and dressing for the camera began.

taylor tomasi hill
back when she was still at teen vogue her style didn't really inspire unlike today when she's supposedly a muse to prabal gurung and praised by many fashion bloggers. however she does smile on all the photos and has that girl next door look to her.

kate lanphear
style director of american elle has to be my favorite of the gang. her style didn't change that much she just got better at accessorising it. rock on!!

elisa nalin
oh i love elisa! she was just as smiley before as she is now. it's always a pleasure seeing her, she puts everyone in a better mood. her style developed tremendously - from being a quiet little mouse to colorful fashion superstar.

miroslava duma
russian it girl was kinda all over the place until she discovered her corky style that suits her so well. i love all her little outfits, she's as cute as a button.

anna dello russo
we all know anna for her style today but just a few years back she wasn't all out and about with her outfits. i think she's a very good example of dressing for the paparazzi.

christine centenera
it's hard to find bad photos of christine. there are a few early ones where she's wearing jeans and a jacket like she's going to the farmers market but than again even the early photos on sartorialist from 2006 look pretty much like her style today.

carin roitfeld & emmanuelle alt 
french do it best! much like the article i discovered carin's and emmanuelle's style (or attitude for that matter) didn't change at all it just got a bit better. this is how dressing for yourself and not for the public looks like.

photos:, nymag,, sartorialist, tommy ton,...

it's interesting to see how some ladies developed their style but most importantly they developed a superstar attitude. to be honest i have nothing against people dressing for the camera, i think that way we at least see fashion come to life. but when there's a blizzard and girls are wearing summer sandals and bras under their coats than i ask myself: "who is this all for"?

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