Write Drunk, Edit Sober. Wait... What?

i'm trying to find the right words to describe how i'm feeling these past few days but i can't think of anything slightly appropriate. i'm anxious. i jelled at my mom today. not particularly proud of that. i have shit loads of stuff to do and i'm not doing any of them. that's so fucking frustrating! i'm sleeping 12 hours a day. like wtf? is my body going to hibernation? who needs 12 hours of sleep??! and doesn't do anything the whole day on top of that... checking e-mail every 5 seconds doesn't count as work, does it?
i'm bored like fuck. seriously! i have never in my life been so bored. before i could never understand people that said they were bored. well guess what, now i do. for the past 2 months i've been staying at my parents house. this is the longest i've lived here. i don't have any friends here, i know like 3 people besides my family and we live fucking 100 km from civilisation. i'm dying. i had to find ways to keep me sane. i even came up with a joke (which is very much true): "what does a girl do after 2 months in the countryside? turns to drugs, sex and alcohol." hahahahha. not funny.
after reading "digital photography for dummies" i opened a beer and put florence and the machine on repeat. that should calm me down. i came across the best advice ever, posted on instagram by my fellow blogger. "write drunk, edit sober" by mr. hemngway. it's pretty much what i've been thinking about ever since i watched fear and loathing in las vegas. it really gets you thinking if you're a journalist or even a blogger. so what does that have to do with this blog? i donno. i just wanted to describe my state of mind. or maybe i'm thinking about writing down my true experience. you know... without embellishment or any other bullshit. people publish all kinds of crap so why wouldn't they read my story? uncensored. with all the juicy details.  would you? i can guarantee you, it's way better than 50 shades of whatever!
i have to admit i'm tipsy after just one beer. it probably has something to do with my poor eating habits that have been going on ever since this year has started. maybe i'm nervous about the life change, my body just isn't craving food. beer has all the vitamins i need, so i won't worry.
what else. oh... people are asking me all the time when and where i'm going and honestly i have no fucking idea. it could be this week or the next or in one month. this is not your ordinary job and when you get the email usually you have a few days to pack and then you're on your way to paradise. everything is last minute. so now that i have all my papers ready it's just waiting for that email. maybe now you get all my confused feelings and anticipation. if you still, after all my babbling, have no idea what i'm gonna do, this video pretty much summons it all. accept for one very important detail, it's not all fun and party, we actually have to work.
hahaha... initially i wanted to write about tattoos. fashionistas and tattoos. see where alcohol can get you?! don't try this on your precious blog kidz! anyway... i'm a bit frustrated with my very conservative new job and the fact i won't be able to get any tattoo's on visible places. yes, that's a problem if you start obsessing with ink and that can happen very easily, just get one and you'll see for yourself. yesterday i noticed i have all these photos with awesome tattoos waiting to be published. so here they are... totally unrelated with what's written above. and who gives a shit anyway? it's not like anyone really reads this crap...
cheers bitches!

* i'm gonna be very brave and not edit this when sober...

all photos from lookbook.nu

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