Secrets From a Stylist: Proportions

another tuesday another secret from a stylist... today i would like to talk about proportions. i consider a few "rules" when styling a shoot or my own outfit that make a great impact. when layering i like to create different lengths so the outfit looks more dynamic. some lengths can optically shorten or extend figure so it's good to know which lengths to avoid. i like my coats to be mid-thigh length and jackets to be above or below the belt. that middle length can look really awkward. it goes the same for skirts, they should be above the knees or a bit below.
ok back to layering... try imagining your lengths as lines. if you want your outfit to have an easiness and flow to it the lines shouldn't be in the same distance from each other. that can look a bit stiff and boxy. also your body is made in perfect proportions so just follow the natural lines of your body.
a few more tips: i often roll up pants or jeans above the ankle. remember ankles are sexy! if wearing a coat over a short dress, the coat should be a few inches shorter than the dress. that way you won't look naked. oh and when wearing leggings make sure the top covers your bum bum!

photo: 5 inch and up,

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