Bored? Here's a Project You Could Do!

moments after writing yesterday's post i received the email. not the kind of content i was hopping for. it seems i'll suffer here for at least one more month. one more month? are you kidding me?? is this some kind of sick joke? i'm gonna shoot my brains out (this is actually the way i wanna die) if i have to wait just a few more days let alone a whole month.
so it got me thinking... i have to come up with some kind of project, something i can do every day for a month, that can keep me occupied and sane. so here's where you come in my awesome readers: suggest a project! there are a few guidelines you have to have in mind: it has to be creative, no stupid shit like "take a picture of how you're feeling every day couse that would just be same 30 pictures that look pretty much like this. it doesn't have to be fashion related. keep in mind that i live in the middle of fucking nowhere so it can't involve a lot of people. and most importantly it has to be fun enough to keep you wet and coming back to the blog for 30 days.
take a few days to brainstorm and come back to me with your brilliant ideas. the best suggestion will get nothing at all except for the satisfaction of watching his/hers project come to life and me making a fool of myself. ok go now, open your minds and struck me with your suggestions!

photo: ana gregorič

also... if you think my posts are becoming a bit insane lately than you should seriously consider following my twitter account. it's where i unleash all my craziness. 

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