Ship Happens!

hi, i'm back! i had to neglect the blog for a while since the wifi in our hotel sucked ass and we really didn't even have time to do anything else than attend our lectures and hang out in the evening. i had so many plans for zagreb and did none, one reason being the weather which prevented us from going to the city and the other plan was to shoot outfits which no one felt doing since we were shooting all day long in the classroom.
so to tell you a bit more about what the hell i'm talking about. every new employee of image group goes through new hire orientation which is basically a few days of getting to know what our job will look like and what we can expect from life on board. so from 8am to 6pm we were in the classroom watching presentation videos, listening to mr. andy turner (the awesomest guy ever!!) talking about his ship stories and learning how to take photos the image way. don't be fooled it was all serious business, we even had 2 tests and mr. turner was grading us all the time... some ppl did not do so well and will have to wait for their ship a lot longer than others. luckily i'm not one of them.
when night fell it was party time. you can only imagine how a room of 20 ppl from all parts of ex yugoslavia and hungary looks like. on ships they even have an unwritten rule not to put more than 2 people from our countries together because they always had problems. who can blame us? we just know how to party! i'm not gonna go in details about our time off let's just say we can be thankful the hotel was half empty. and that coffee at breakfast was free.
on the last day we got to know where some of our coworkers are beginning their ship life. one is flying to shanghai, one of my roommates to hawaii, the other to colombia, one croatian to texas and one to california. i actually got a ship assigned but our trainer forgot i have tattoos. disney has a very strict policy so they have to find me another ship. otherwise i would be flying to bahamas this week. and so the waiting begins... ship happens!

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