i have to start packing for zagreb, my father is anxious to leave as soon as possible because of the snowy weather. i'm in no rush. for some reason i woke up with a headache. doesn't it require excessive drinking the night before for the hangover to happen? weird. anyway... i'm going to the company's new hire orientation for all new employees. 5 days of lectures and most importantly hanging out with my new coworkers from croatia, serbia, bosnia, slovenia, romania and hungary. i'm sure we'll take some great photos (also outfit ones) since there will be 30 photographers present. fun fun fun!

and on the packing... i always do it last minute and always have trouble deciding on what to take with me. it doesn't matter if it's 5 days or 5 months. since i had to pack for photoshoots in paris i got some great tips on how to pack smart. it made my life just a little bit easier. the catch is to lay the clothes over the entire surface of the suitcase and not fold them like usual. that way you'll get more room in the suitcase and the clothes won't be as wrinkled. hope this advice suits you well, it sure as hell did to me.

have a lovely sunday :*

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