Balmain + Isabel Marant = H&M

for a fashion blog there hasn't been a lot of fashion related content lately and i have to apologise for that but my mind has just been elsewhere. it's hard to get excited about new collections, outfits and sales when all that really concerns you is what else do you have to do before you leave and where will you be sailing for the next 8 months. i hope you understand and don't find my nagging totally irrelevant and boring. i'm just too excited about starting my new life.
however something did catch my eye... ironically it's no other than good old h&m. their spring 13 collection literally took my breath away. you all know i have an unconditional love for isabel marant and balmain, brands that both inspired the h&m collection. i wouldn't say it's knock off like zara usually does it but it's more about the feel, colors, patterns and style. not as literal as usual and that makes me like it even more. my first love was the tassel skirt which i was sure i saw at marant or somewhere but i can't find anything remotely similar anywhere. i doubt it's a h&m original so if you know where the idea came from, please do share.
the collection is a perfect blend between balmain and marant, both sporty and elegant with a strong ethnic feel. the details, like embroidery on skirts, pants, vests and jackets are just amazing. those jeans look like million fucking dollars!
unfortunately this is a trend collection, so it won't be available in every h&m store and on top of that the prices are a bit higher than usual. the tassel skirt is 80€, red jacket 300€, boots 100€, jeans 60€ and vests 150€. still a better bargain than marant or balmain.

left h&m, right balmain fw12 or isabel marant ss13

photos: h&m,

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