Waiting for Miracles

yesterday i finally went for my shopping expedition. it was more stressful than your usual shopping. hell, shopping is meant to be fun. and it was... for about 10 minutes. it took almost the whole day and 2 different cities to get me at least a few things that i need for my uniform. do you know how hard it is to get just a classic white button up shirt? or black dress pants? mission impossible! if it was 10 years ago i probably wouldn't have this problem. and don't even get me started with the shoes. comfortable and not ugly as shit doesn't really work together. you can ether get comfortable or pretty. i didn't buy any shoes. i'm gonna wait for a miracle to happen.

on other subjects... i'm waiting for your project suggestions. i already got some, mostly saying i should exercise (hey, you implying something?), learn french and stuff like that. those of you who follow my twitter  already read some of my ideas, like get drunk every day with a different drink (yeah, that's more like it) or get 30 people to write a memory of me (how narcissistic). now you see in which direction i wanna go... suggest away!
it's also possible my project will be to write a book. i already started writing this thursday, the only problem is i can't really report here about it since the content is (how should i put this not to sound too nasty??) well... not exactly appropriate. think 50 shades of gray only much more awesome. so you see... i need to find a project that is crazy and at the same time doesn't incriminate me. looking forward to your suggestions!

photo: yes i take self portraits when i'm bored and i know you do to

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