Now This is How You do Couture!

i got quite a response on my previous post about chanel and dior haute couture collections and most of you agree with what i wrote. my friend was actually telling me about chanel for quite some time now, her main opinion is that karl is ruining chanel and that dior is becoming more chanel than chanel. she thinks it's impossible for a man to think like a woman, especially someone like coco. i think she's on to something.
anyway... on the bride side there are brands that presented beautiful couture collections.too bad givency canceled their show since i always loved their collection and really looked forward to it. but in a way i get them, couture is exclusive with a very short list of clients so it doesn't need a mass media presentation. however here are the collections that impressed me the most:

Alex Mabille
fairy tale collection with details that will take your breath away. has to be my favorite so far.

Elie Saab
no surprises here, Elie is a genius! this seasons red carpets will be full of his designs.

Giambattista Valli
i just love the cuts of skirts and pants underneath. the fabric choice is amazing and the flower accessories complete the looks to perfection.

you can spot Valentino from a mile away. simple but powerful.


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